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Medicare Information

The Federal Governments Health Care reform Bill 101 has made major changes to the Medicare Program The changes are phased in over a period of years. If you are close to 65 and are at the decision making stage on your Medicare coverage and how it affects you, and what options are available we recommend contacting a agent at Suburban Underwriters so we can develop a program that meets your short term and long term health care needs.

If you are on Medicare we recommend contacting an agent at Suburban Underwriters to review your current programs and make sure that the coverage you need is available in your current plans.

More information from the  Official Government Web Site


MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN A plan offered by a private company that contracts with Medicare to provide you with all your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans are HMOs, PPOs, or Private Fee-for-Service Plans. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare services are covered through the plans, and are not paid for under Original Medicare. MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PRESCRIPTION DRUG (MA-PD) PLAN A Medicare Advantage plan that offers Medicare Prescription Drug coverage and Part A and Part B benefits in one plan.

MEDICARE COORDINATED CARE PLAN A Medicare Advantage HMO or PPO Plan. MEDICARE COST PLANS Medicare cost plans are a type of HMO that contracts as a Medicare Health Plan. As with other HMOs, the plan only pays for services outside its service area when they are emergency or urgently needed services. However, when you are enrolled in a Medicare Cost Plan, if you get routine services outside of the plan's network without a referral, your Medicare-covered services will be paid for under Original Medicare, and you will be responsible for the Original Medicare deductibles and coinsurance.

MEDICARE COVERAGE Made up of two parts: Hospital Insurance (Part A) and Medical Insurance (Part B). (See Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance); Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance).)

MEDICARE HEALTH PLAN A plan offered by a private company that contracts with Medicare to provide you with your Medicare Part A and/or Part B benefits. Medicare Health Plans include Medicare Advantage plans (including HMO, PPO, or Private Fee-for-Service Plans); Medicare Cost Plans; PACE plans; and special needs plans.


MEDICARE MANAGED CARE PLAN A type of Medicare Advantage Plan that is available in some areas of the country. In most managed care plans, you can only go to doctors, specialists, or hospitals on the plan’s list. Plans must cover all Medicare Part A and Part B health care. Some managed care plans cover extras, like prescription drugs. Your costs may be lower than in Original Medicare.


MEDICARE PLAN Refers to any way other than Original Medicare that you can get your Medicare health or prescription drug coverage. This term includes all Medicare health plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.


MEDICARE PRESCRIPTION DRUG COVERAGE Optional coverage available to all people with Medicare through insurance companies and other private companies.

MEDICARE PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN A stand-alone drug plan, offered by insurers and other private companies to beneficiaries that receive their Medicare Part A and/or B benefits through Original Medicare; Medicare Private Fee-for-Service Plans that don’t offer prescription drug coverage; and Medicare Cost Plans offering Medicare prescription drug coverage.

MEDICARE SELECT A type of Medigap policy that may require you to use hospitals and, in some cases, doctors within its network to be eligible for full benefits.