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Individual Health Insurance

Health Insurance Contract sold to an individual to provide coverage for medical expenses.

Suburban Underwriters offers a variety of options for your individual Health Insurance needs. We would like to meet with you to go over the variety of programs that are available and select a program that meets your medical needs as well as your financial needs. Please feel free to contact us about your insurance needs.

Short Term Medical - SM is temporary health insurance intended to provide coverage for the "in-between" times, like when a graduate hasn't started a job, or a person has retired early. Because each plan lasts a maximum of 6 months, it's not designed for people who need or want regular coverage.

Liability- Insurance against claims of loss or damage for which a policyholder might have to compensate another party. The policy covers losses resulting from acts or omissions that are legally deemed to be negligent and that result in damage to the person, property, or legitimate interests of others. It was principally the introduction of the automobile that spurred the rapid growth of this form of insurance, which now extends to a great many activities in addition to driving, including malpractice insurance for doctors and other professionals, marine liability for boat owners and operators, and product liability for manufacturers of consumer goods.



Get a quote for your individual Health Insurance needs from Celtic.

Short Term Health Insurance also available.